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Take your accounting career forward with Tally ERP 9 Course. Upays Education is the top Tally institute in Visakhapatnam offering Tally Course at the lowest course fees with business-focused, up-to-date syllabus and practical training.
The main aim of this Tally Course is to equip students, accountants, businessmen and other professionals with advanced Tally ERP 9 skills. It includes tally basics, financial accounting, inventory system, taxation, GST and more. There is a huge demand for professionals equipped with Tally accounting software skills to serve small and medium industry sectors. Upays Education is one of the best Tally training centers offering real time job placement training for the benefit of your career. So, join our Tally training today and get certified to become a professional Tally

Tally ERP 9 is designed to optimize the running of the business. It concentrates on different domains and helps keep a clear line of work with departments, reducing paperwork and time required for completion of the tasks. Besides, Tally allows you to analyze your business at different levels enabling a better understanding of data and enhanced planning and forecasting. Our Tally ERP 9 training focuses on granting students the fundamental core knowledge of accounts and experience with basic accounting terminology that will enable them to utilize Tally ERP 9 efficiently.
We are one of the best Tally ERP 9 training institutes in Visakhapatnam. Our Tally classes will be based on the practical method with fundamental of Tally ERP 9 mixed with unique and useful expertise. So, join our Tally training and learn to deal your business accounts to increase your revenue.

Tally ERP 9 is a world leading accounting package. It offers a broad range of exposure in practical accounting. Almost all accounting works can be simplified by Tally ERP 9 which is known from the catch line of Tally, “Power of Simplicity.”
Tally.ERP 9 Release 6.0 is ready for GST, and it will replace the complex taxation and makes it simple to handle eFiling, business accounting, inventory, billing, payroll and more.
Nowadays, Tally is a complete business management software product which opens up whole new employment avenues for students and professionals. Indicates probably hundreds of challenging jobs.
The students of Commerce and Business field have greater opportunity to make their career in multiple ways. Graduate and Post Graduate level of education is not just enough to secure employment in the accounting field. The students should make familiarize themselves practically with the usage of accounting software. Therefore an experience and exposure should make them perfect in their career.

  • Anyone can take this GST Ready Tally ERP 9 training to learn and perform accounting, taxation and inventory work on Tally.
  • Accountants can take Tally course like Tax Consultants, Accounting Job Person's, Cost Accountants, Chartered Accountants, or any other specialist who want to work on Tally Software.
  • Commerce students can learn Tally ERP 9 course with GST because many medium and small businesses in India use Tally software for their everyday accounting work.
  • Business Owners can take Tally ERP 9 Training. They can examine fund and cash flows, profits, data, reporting, finance, and other relevant information of their business. It is more helpful to them. Ready to enroll in the Tally course? Join Upays Education today! Call +91 6302688787 for queries. We offer the best Tally Course fees in Visakhapatnam compared to other institutes along with practical training for the betterment of your accounting career and job growth.

Basics of Accounting

  • Basics of Accounting
  • Golden Rules of Accounting
  • Modes of Accounting
  • Accounting Principles
  • Double Entry System of Book Keeping

Types of Accounting in Tally

  • Types of Accounts
  • Personal Account
  • Personal Account Rules
  • Real Account Rules
  • Nominal Account Rules

Process of Accounting

  • Process of Accounting
  • Life Cyle of Accounting
  • Types of Puchase
  • Types of Sales

Accounting Transactions

  • Transactions Overview
  • Handling the Transaction
  • Analyze the Transaction
  • Ledger Overview
  • Voucher Types
  • Uses of Voucher

Manual Accounting

  • Rules used in Transactions
  • Manual Accounting Introduction
  • Exercise for Manual Accounting

Trading Account

  • Creating Android Project
  • Debugging Application through DDMS
  • Setting up environment
  • AVD Creation
  • Executing Project on Android Screen

Trading Account

  • Introduction to Trading a/c
  • Uses of Trading a/c
  • Gross Profit
  • Net Profit
  • Examples for Gross Profit & Netprofit
  • Difference between Gross Profit & Netprofit


  • Reports Overview
  • trail Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Difference between Trail Balance and Balance Sheet
  • Handling Day Book

Tally ERP 9 Overview

  • Introduction to Tally ERP9
  • Uses of Tally
  • Features of Tally
  • Creation of Company
  • Tally.net & Remote Capablities

  • Overview of Tally.net
  • Configuring Tally.net Features
  • Connect Company on Tally.net
  • Create Remote Users
  • Authorize Remote Users
  • Remote Access

Accounting Masters in Tally ERP9

  • Features of Accounting
  • Configurations
  • Setting up Accounts Heads

Bank Reconcilation Statement

  • Brs[Bank Reconcilation Statement]
  • Defnition of brs
  • Uses of brs
  • Reports of Reconcilation

Cost Center & Cost Category

  • Overview of Cost Center & Cost Category
  • Uses of Cost Center & Cost Category
  • Creation of Cost Center
  • Creation of Cost Category
  • Creation of Ledger
  • Recording Transactions
  • Cost Category Reports

Interest Calculation

  • Overview about Interest Calculation
  • Types of Interest
  • Ledger Creation
  • Voucher Entry
  • Checking Interest Calculation


  • Budgets Overview
  • Usage of Budgets
  • Types of Budgets
  • Son Net Transaction
  • Closing Balance
  • On Net Transaction Uses
  • Closing Balance Uses
  • Budgets Reports


  • Overview about Currencies
  • Types of Currencies
  • Uses of Multicurrency
  • Creation of Foreign Currency
  • Standard Rate & Selling Rate
  • Currency Reports

Bill Wise Details

  • Overview of Billwise Details
  • Related to Customers & Suppliers
  • Maintaining Payments
  • Receivable Bills
  • Pending Bill Status
  • Over due Bill Status
  • Inventory Section

Inventory Introduction

  • Overview of Inventory
  • Concepts Involved in Inventory
  • Stocks Overview
  • Stock Groups Overview
  • Units of Measure

Actual & Billed Quantity

  • What is actual & Billed Quantity
  • Where it will be used
  • Advantages of Actual & Billed Quantity
  • Creation of Ledgers
  • Voucher Entry
  • Stock Group Creation
  • Stock Item Creation
  • Reports of Actual & Billed Quantity

Price List

  • Uses of Price List
  • Types of Price List
  • Whole Sale
  • Retail Sale
  • Export Sale
  • Creation of Price List
  • Adding Stock Items in a Price List
  • Discount Features
  • Adding an Discount Features
  • Reports for Price List

bill of material

  • introduction of bill of material
  • usage of bill of material
  • godown handling
  • stock group handling
  • manufacturing journa introduction
  • bill of material reports

batch wise details

  • overview of batch wise details
  • uses of batch wise details
  • using mfg date & exp date
  • batch specification
  • voucher entry
  • stock reports
  • Point of Sales [pos]

  • Pos Overview
  • Pos Uses
  • Multimode Payments
  • Billing Entry
  • Voucher Entry
  • Creation of Stock Journal
  • Pos reportsl
  • Taxation

Value Added Tax [vat]

  • Tax Overview
  • What is vat?
  • Uses of vat
  • Where it's used?
  • Assessee Involved in tds
  • Who is going to Pay?
  • Tax Related to Stock Items
  • Vat Payments
  • Vat Reports
  • Vat Returns

Why Is Tally useful for fresher or Accountant? Tally ERP 9 is the only software which is used by 80% of companies in India. Now Tally can be utilized in the cloud. Learning fundamentals and advanced concepts of Tally is important. Whether you are a fresher or experienced, for accounting skill development tally is the must.
What jobs does this Tally course prepare you for? What are the pre-requisites of learning Tally ERP 9? Who can enroll this Tally Training in Visakhapatnam? Is it difficult to learn GST Accounting Software Tally ERP 9? Can I get any certification for this Tally ERP 9 Training? Do you also offer online training other than your Tally course in Visakhapatnam location? I want to enroll with your Tally course. Whom do I want to contact?

  • Eligibility
  • Who will get Benefited
  • Features
  • Session & Training Schedule
  • For Enquiry

Any graduate with computer background.

Candidates should have a basic knowledge of Java and XML concepts.

Basic knowledge of Object Oriented Programming concepts.